Mining Simulator 2 Script – New & Updated!

mining simulator 2 script


About the Mining Simulator 2 Script

If you’re a fan of the popular mining simulator game on Roblox, then get ready for an exciting update! A new mining simulator 2 script has been released that introduces some incredible features like auto farm and auto sell. This script takes your gaming experience to a whole new level by automating repetitive tasks and giving you more time to explore, upgrade your tools, and uncover rare gems.

Mining Simulator 2 Script Features

With the auto farm feature, you no longer have to manually click on rocks or ores to collect them. The script does all the hard work for you by automatically mining every available resource in sight. It’s like having your own personal assistant in the game, tirelessly working away while you reap the rewards. Additionally, the auto sell feature takes away the hassle of going back and forth between selling stations. Now, with just a single click, all your collected resources are instantly sold for maximum profit.

Mining enthusiasts and Roblox players alike, rejoice! We have exciting news for you: a brand-new mining simulator has just hit the virtual shores of Roblox. With its cutting-edge features and thrilling gameplay, Mining Simulator 2 is set to take the mining experience to new heights. And what’s even better? This game comes equipped with an innovative script that includes an auto rebirth feature, making your mining journey more efficient and enjoyable than ever before.

The new script in Mining Simulator 2 revolutionizes the gameplay by automating the rebirth process. Gone are the days of manually initiating rebirths after reaching certain milestones or maximizing your potential.

Free Executor

If you don’t have a script executor, I recommend KRNL. 

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