New Greenville Script – Auto Farm & More

greenville script

Greenville Script


Greenville Script Features:

This is a greenville script money, it has auto farm and I recommend using alt accounts just in case the script becomes patched. This script works better with cam toggle. This script is a free auto farm download with much more. Alt accounts are easy to create since roblox doesn’t require to use your email. That’s why I recommend creating multiple alt accounts

Weather your looking to become rich or you want to troll somebody, this is the the perfect script for greenville.

About Greenville:

Greenville is a game where the goal is to earn money to buy better cars. It is a rollplay game. It doesn’t patch scripts much so you shouldn’t have to worry about finding another script for a while.

Greenville has many options when it comes to cars and customization, that’s why you need to get rich on it. Who wants to take tons of time to get rich though. That’s why there are scripts for it to make your rich fast.

With Greenville scripts you can do something else while it autofarms for you, or you can troll people with it and have fun. This script does unlock all gamepasses so you don’t have to waste your money on their gamepasses.

Best Roblox Executor for Greenville:

I recommend using: KRNL, synapse x, sentinel, or photosmasher since they are updated a lot and have great support. They are compatible with most greenville scripts.

Since KRNL is free I recommend it, but synpase x is better if you are able to buy it.

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