Top 5 Free Roblox Executors


Krnl is the best Roblox script executor if you are looking for a free and reliable option. V3rmillion community member Ice Bear created and developed the project.

The script executor also releases updates and patches every week to address any issues that may arise since it is free of charge. This is the best choice for Roblox players who are looking for a free executor with premium features. It is currently the best roblox exploit with a clean user interface.

2: JJSploit

This Script Executor comes with several features, including God Mode, infinite jump, and click teleport. Beginners and experienced scripters will both benefit from JJSploit. It has a Lua executor which makes it the best. Roblox uses Lua as its primary scripting language.

In addition, it releases frequent updates to keep up with Roblox’s script. With a simple interface, it is an effective script executor. To avoid problems, make sure this executor is updated to the latest version.

3: Proxo

Roblox games and experiences can be enhanced with Proxo exploit. Stability and several other features are available as you use this executor. You can change the daytime, jump indefinitely, or respawn.

In the game, the time can be set to always night, always day, or always full brightness. The official site of the Proxo exploit has been taken down, but you can download it from other trusted websites. Although some sites may contain malicious content or malware, download them at your own risk.

4: Nonsense Diamond

Using the Nonsense Diamond executor, you can get exploits, hacks, and scripts for a variety of Roblox games and experiences. The number of Roblox games you can exploit is over 50.

The exploits or hacks must be applied to the game selected from the list. This script executor is quite easy to use compared to other exploits. Injecting that script into your game is all you need to do.

5: ScreamSploit

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a script executor with a sleek UI and a variety of features. Roblox has the best support for all script executors like ScreamSploit.

Depending on the Roblox game, you can enable silent aim, no recoil, instant reload, and rapid-fire. This script executor updates automatically, which is one of its best features. Therefore, you do not need to download any outstanding updates.

6: Calamari

Calamari exploits are known for their simplistic user interface. For easy access, you can rearrange and customize their different features.

You don’t need to use any other script executor since you can run all the scripts for your favorite games. The application performs smoothly with fewer chances of freezing or crashing. In games such as Phantom Forces, you can use its Auto Aim feature.

7: Fluxus

Known for its full customization features, Fluxus is a script executor exploit for Roblox games. Your scripts won’t crash if you customize the game according to your preferences. The Roblox game controller has a simple design and is compatible with all Roblox games.

Using Fluxus exploits will not result in an in-game ban, according to Fluxus. Despite its seamless and smooth performance, this exploit remains undetected. It has several features, including Infinite Ammo and Infinite Jumps for all Roblox games.

8: CocoZ Script Executor

CocoZ exploit is one of the safest free script executors for Roblox. During your playthrough, you remain undetected with reliable assistance. For beginners, CocoZ can be the simplest executor for your Roblox games and experiences.

In addition to executing scripts, it has a variety of other features as well. There is also teleportation available in addition to ESP Aimbot. The script injector of this executor is extremely fast, as it is a lightweight executor.

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